Thursday, November 29, 2007

3 comics posted

3 Talk Like a Time Traveler comics are up, so it looks like I will have the 4th up tomorrow. I am looking forward to the December series. My next move will be to get font permission, let the koala know that I know of his time travel abilities, and make a splash with buzzcomics and topwebcomics.
Go and have a look:

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Talk Like a Time Traveler

I plan to post a few comics, then (as requested) let the "Action Man" font creator know that I am using his font and send him a link to my comic. Hopefully he will approve and I won't have to seek out another fontographer at

The hook for people voting for my comic on December 8th will be that all of the good unused time traveler ideas will be included in the vote incentive. All this presumes that I can get a following and make a splash. Should be fun.

On another note a copy cat effort entitled "Pretend to be a Time Traveler" has been detected. Apparently a Koala has begun an effort last August with ideas identical to mine except for thinking that dystopia and dress up are good ideas. I am for talk only. Costumes are fine for the Koala, but I am all about talking like a time traveler.

I can only assume that the Koala has access to a time machine, has gone forward to December 8th and then returned to last August to make it appear that December 8th was all his idea. Very clever.

Walking around video games with a camera

I have been walking around the Valve Halflife games and the Roller Coaster Tycoon games with my trusty 35mm camera picking up backgrounds and images that could make a high-intensity update webcomic possible.

I know that Gordon Frohman's comic uses Halflife shots, so I know that this concept has been done very well by others.

For Talk Like a Time Traveller Day these two could be talking about time travel. and this background from RCT 3 might be usable.

Talk Like Adventure

Part of the plans to put up and promote a webcomic are to achieve goal of getting many popularity votes on December 8th. I further aim to prove that even a bad webcomic takes a great deal of work. My poster child for this effort is an old acme ufo defence character seen here: