Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hands are difficult to draw - tutorial

Hands are difficult. Even if I had drawn a perfectly realistic hand like this photo of Jeremy, it would not look right. The pose doesn't look like a person would expect, and if you are like me- if you drew it you would not be satisfied.
The pressure is to make a hand that reflects the anatomy work you did (didn't you?). That looks like a hand that people would expect to see. And that does not look exactly like the way your favorite artist draws hands.

So here is my idea. If you draw a hand, and it looks pretty much ok:
1.Scan it in
2.Print out a lightened version of your almost-ok hand in a different size (usually bigger) and redraw over your original.

Writers do this all the time. You never see an author's actual writing, you are seeing the author's re-write of the stuff he or she thought was almost-ok on the initial draft.

Here is my example and a photo of Jeremy using arcane powers while on the road: