Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lobster Rough Acme Ufo Defence

I made it to cartoonists.net meeting this week.
Very fun group.
The meeting this week reminded me of how fun the world of Donald Duck comics is. DD is popular in Europe where original 10 page stories are still fresh duck.
After the meeting my son and I stuck around to talk to Curtis about the greatness that is xcom ufo defense.
During the meeting John Lustig and Jeff Hamill walked through the creative writing process, after the meeting Curtis inpired my son Z to come up with over 20 great storylines for an acme-com webcomic. I am amazed at his creativity. Love the man-cub.
Today's post honors a worthy adversary, the Lobster Man. Acme-com marines take position, and don't let one of these blaster holding armored beasties get the drop on you.

Side note:
Here is what I loved on the web today - Girl Genius, Dreamland Chronicles, DaFont, Cartoonists NW, finding obscure reference images on photobucket and Google Sky.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I don't want to beat a dead fish but...

I have been thinking about my gorilla man post.

It seems to me that the landslide majority of Evolution adherents (not convinced about the fish-to-ape story) are not well served by the fire-eating-fish-to-ape evolutionists who run the show.

I think that ape-to-man requires less of a leap than the fish to ape. Right out of the gate the lobed-fish comes off as counter-intuitive. For the Evolution-Years that the lobes-legs are too weak to walk they will make the fish a poor swimmer. This defeats the survival of the fit fish.

If the majority of the Evolution supporters were well served by the leaders of the best science two things would happen:
1. The counter-natural-selection nature of the lobed fish would be acknowledged.
2. There would be a stated plan - "what we are doing about it" to address the doubts.

Ape-to-man people:
Did I capture in the picture above the reason that so many can buy the Ape-to-Man, but the Fish-to-Ape only appeals to the few?

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I really love an old marines vs aliens game called x-com ufo defense. I will never understand why there are not more turn based games like this. http://www.xcomufo.com/
Has all the info you need - it is best to start out with ufo defense first - so you can edit your marines when the difficulty level goes through the roof. I find 2 to 4 super human marines to compensate for the amazingly tough aliens that show up 6 months into the first year. After you are the ufo-defense master then you might head over to STEAM where they have the ocean-based slightly updated version that works with my Win XP laptop.

It is my understanding that x-com ufo defense had difficulty securing the rights to the xcom name for their game for a while. I think that acme-ufo defense would have been great. Especially if more humor was injected into the already addicting game play. I also think that defense can be spelled defence in a game title.

If there is overwhelming demand I may put up some sketches from a series of ideas that would inject humor into my proposed update on this 1990s game.

Let me know if you have fun playing this game as a result of this blog.