Saturday, January 26, 2008

Donald problems in work page 3 panel 1

The move from sketchbook to artboard did not go well. Even simple things became harder so I am focusing on one panel for the moment. Looking back at the script - the car is all wrong and what was intended to be a final pencil did not look as good (composition) as the thumbnail that I started with. To top it all off, Donald looked a lot like Daffy. I was doing fine Donald drawings (with audience) without reference - but the panel 1 Donald... just ugg. But before hitting these problems I went to the font size problem using my math brain.

The Comic book dimensions are 6 ¾ x 10 inches. From there I determined that 300 pixels per inch figures a panel of 2025 (half 2025 is 1012 1/2) pixels by 3000.
So each panel (assuming 8 panels per page) can be worked on in a single image of a little over 1000 pixels

I was able to get a pretty good match with a 11 point comic book like font (hair larger than sample page) at 300 pixels per inch. (I used a scan of a Donald Duck like comic for comparison).

For people using prepped artboard the dimensions are: 10x15 drawing area on drawing board with bleed of ½ inch all around (1 ¼ bleed on the bottom margin)

Math brain off.


Girish said...

Awesome cartoons on page!

David Juel said...

Thank You very much Girish!

The Music Connection Orchestra said...

Hi David,

Very nice drawings.

I used to know a David Juel as child growing up on the East Coast. I am just wondering if you are the same person. I remember him being a very talented in art even then. Let me know if this sounds like you.


David Juel said...

Hello George,

Sorry - wrong coast. But there are so few Juels in the world the David you know is probably a relative.