Monday, February 8, 2010

Jeff Hawley and Logjam

Jeff Hawley is a fine cartoonist and author of the uniquely NW comic “Logjam”
He has wowed his fellow cartoonists in the Seattle area for years. I am pretty sure that I have seen about a dozen of these ideas in-work in his sketchbook before most everybody else - One of the many benefits of showing up at a cartoonist NW meeting.

These are some of my favorites: tree humor
And my favorite trick is when main tree plays himself like a banjo
And he magically lifts himself (and others) off of the roots

Readers can now get Logjam comic strips delivered to their email. Go to the Logjam website to sign up!

1 comment:

Jeff Hawley, Cartoonist - said...

David, thanks for highlighting Logjam in your excellent blog! It's an honor to have my work included here! And I love the "fan art" you did of "tree-hugger" Rollie Raccoon. It's TREEmendous. HA!

All the Best,
Jeff Hawley