Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lobster Rough Acme Ufo Defence

I made it to cartoonists.net meeting this week.
Very fun group.
The meeting this week reminded me of how fun the world of Donald Duck comics is. DD is popular in Europe where original 10 page stories are still fresh duck.
After the meeting my son and I stuck around to talk to Curtis about the greatness that is xcom ufo defense.
During the meeting John Lustig and Jeff Hamill walked through the creative writing process, after the meeting Curtis inpired my son Z to come up with over 20 great storylines for an acme-com webcomic. I am amazed at his creativity. Love the man-cub.
Today's post honors a worthy adversary, the Lobster Man. Acme-com marines take position, and don't let one of these blaster holding armored beasties get the drop on you.

Side note:
Here is what I loved on the web today - Girl Genius, Dreamland Chronicles, DaFont, Cartoonists NW, finding obscure reference images on photobucket and Google Sky.

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