Sunday, August 12, 2007


I really love an old marines vs aliens game called x-com ufo defense. I will never understand why there are not more turn based games like this.
Has all the info you need - it is best to start out with ufo defense first - so you can edit your marines when the difficulty level goes through the roof. I find 2 to 4 super human marines to compensate for the amazingly tough aliens that show up 6 months into the first year. After you are the ufo-defense master then you might head over to STEAM where they have the ocean-based slightly updated version that works with my Win XP laptop.

It is my understanding that x-com ufo defense had difficulty securing the rights to the xcom name for their game for a while. I think that acme-ufo defense would have been great. Especially if more humor was injected into the already addicting game play. I also think that defense can be spelled defence in a game title.

If there is overwhelming demand I may put up some sketches from a series of ideas that would inject humor into my proposed update on this 1990s game.

Let me know if you have fun playing this game as a result of this blog.


Reid said...

Yes, Yes Xcom is a totally awesome game but i dont get the ACME part?
And let Zeke know that Xcom doesn't work for me ...but yeah i get the ufo defence part, cool, later

Reid said...

Hey check out my blog called " My New Home"

David Juel said...

Hi reid,
Did Z set up a shortcut for you to launch in dos mode?

Let me know what error you are getting and I will look into the problem.