Friday, March 21, 2008

Kids Love Comics

My cartoonist group, Cartoonists NW. has a large number of projects going on that are not intended for kids at all. (they are very original and amazing) And I have been reading a lot of Scott McCloud lately who considers the kid-comics mental association to be a very bad thing for comics. Scott goes on to say that he is not happy with current trend to only cater to males aged 25 to 40.
This has started me thinking more about the state of me, and what I want for comics.
I recently came across a kid’s comics site aimed at educators, and it reminded me of how kid’s comics are a very very good thing:

Because Kids Love Comics like no one else.

Kids Love Comics
-- Promoting literacy (and fun!) through Graphic Novels & Comics! KLC aims to promote quality, age-appropriate comic books available to kids through awareness campaigns, and creator tours & signings that tie in with local education and business communities.
Comic books are a valuable resource for kids' entertainment & education!

My wife is a Public School teacher (which is an influence on me) and I always have kid sketches in my sketchbook alongside of my pirates, characters and heroes. So that obviously is one thing that I want for my comics. Kid participation.


Projetores said...

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Bob said...

I've been doing a syndicated strip for kids titled Slylock Fox and comics for Kids for about 21 years. Despite the decline in newspaper readership, I have a very strong and vocal following, and the strip actually has more clients than ever before. I hear from people in their late 20s and early 30s telling me that my strip helped attract them to newspaper comics, and that over the years they went on to enjoy other strips as well. I'd like to see the comic book and graphic novel industry focus more on a young audience.
-Bob Weber Jr.

David Juel said...

Hi Bob,

I know your comic well. I am gratified that you made your way to my site! Have you considered publishing through ?
I know of at least one cartoonist who found a large new audience for his work there. (since the newspapers are unlikely to bounce back from the growing trend)

I would love to see more people enjoy your cartoons - they are good.


David Juel said...

Thanks for posting Projetores,
My cynical side suspects that you might be a bot selling stuff, but you are really nice about it if you are.


Bob said...

Hi David,
Thanks for visiting my site, and for your kind words! Google brought me to your blog, and I'm enjoying your posts. I'll look into Thanks for the tip.
Bob Weber Jr.