Thursday, March 27, 2008

Red 5 Comics

Red 5 is a great example of a publisher making comics - they are a part of a very cool trend: Creative people who made a pile of cash that they could retire on and decide to spend their time making really good comic books.

Red 5 had movie deals before they put their first comic up for sale. I followed this company out of interest- "how did they do that"
The answer is found in the creators past. Heavily connected with success and Lucas Arts.

Abyss conclusion comes out 4/30.

Atomic Robo will next appear on Free Comic Book Day with Neozoic

Red5 Comics are people who have kid- hearts (adventure, humor, great stories and heroes) but put out comics that a parent would think 2x about giving to children. I do not think that they dropped the F bomb yet but ... maybe they have. The current comic world makes all ages comics with occasional dialogue that should have read like !!$&* instead of ...

Maybe I am off here, but these great stories deserve a bigger audience, they have cut themselves off from a good chunk of it, I am not sure why.

Enough angst- I really like Kevin Rubio, and Atomic Robo, and dinosaur herds attacking cities.

Abyss especially is fun. It was made by the same team that created Tag and Bink. I have a couple copies of the Tag and Bink collection on order that I intend to hold for gifts. If you work for the distributors, get more.

Just look at the cover art for a summary of the Tag and Bink coolness: here


girlcomixlvr said...

Hello David, I couldn't agree more about comix needing to be more kid oriented. I have tried without success to partner with an artist to produce my comix that would help fill that need. CNW is not responding to my requests. Would you be interested? Thanks for any reply.

girlcomixlvr said...

Hey Kagahn, what's up with trying to download 3 malicious spyware programs with your here comment?
Why are you even on this blog?

David Juel said...

Hi girlcomixlvr!
I have been noting and my editor has been deleting regular posts from what I suspect are bots posting on blogs. Rotten business that.

On the other side- you should post up your artist request on the Cartoonist NW blog:
(I did not see any recent mails looking for partners?)

Or if you could look over the showcase blogs at digital webbing for the perfect match to the style that you want:

And let me know a little more about your project - I have been known to jump in and contribute to fun that fits my skill set.