Monday, July 21, 2008

Looking forward to Lego Batman

Records were broken this weekend. This has been a good summer for superheroes.
I saw many kids at all the movies this summer.
My rating from most “all ages” to least:

Kung Fu Panda – Most “all ages”
Iron Man
Batman - Least “all ages”

The huge numbers of kids at all these films says to me that the parent’s current standard “all ages” in for my area includes the racy bits in Iron Man and the Murderous bits in Batman. I have to think about this sometime.
Lego toys seem to be aimed at the least kid-friendly kid movie of the summer.
The Batman Lego game is less tied to the look of “Dark Night”. At the lego Batman site- many new things can be found including several fun short films of the Batman.

As a result of villain choices in the Batman relaunch, I have revisited my favorite Chuck Dixon Ras Al Ghul / Joker story. If anyone knows of a better Batman storyline from Chuck Dixon (or anyone in the last 10 years), I would like to see it! I doubt that Bruce Timm and Paul Dini will make any new Batman soon, so it would seem that all the good new comics are going to come from Mr. Dixon? The Demon Laughs was inspired.

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