Monday, July 14, 2008

This is what she ate

This is the first of the regular Monday updates!

My significant Mother celebrated this weekend. While eating out we reminisced about dad (gone 3 years now) and a poem he put to music. I did not know that the tune was made up and I wasted hours looking for A WW2 top 40 title that I thought would be called “She said she wasn’t hungry”. The poem is found in a book of collected American poetry.

That Anonymous guy can sure write well. I shortened it and added my bits.

I have a pretty good mom.

I had but 50 cent

She said she was not hungry but this is what she ate:
A dozen raw, a plate of slaw,
A chicken and a roast,
Some applesass, and sparagrass,
And soft-shell crabs on toast.
A big box of stew, and crackers too;
Her appetite was immense!
When she called for pie,
I thought I’d die,
For I had but fifty cents.

She said she wasn’t hungry
And didn’t care to eat,
But I’ve got money in my clothes
To bet she can’t be beat;

She took it in so cozy,
She had an awful tank;
She said she wasn’t thirsty but this is what she drank:

A ginger pop with foam on top
Some coffee down her throat
A malted shake washed down some cake
And a root beer ice cream float

When she called for more,
I fell on the floor,
For I had but fifty cents.

Take my advice, don’t try it twice
If you’ve got but fifty cents!

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