Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cartoonist NW win!

Two years ago I mentioned that I had been thinking about "blogging-up" my ideas behind deeply emotional politics, I was not incendiary enough to unload ALL of my politics but I was toying with the idea of letting some of my ideas filter out.

Partly as a result of Milt Prigee making a big impression on me this month, and partly as a result of the discovery that people were able to "get" my do-it-yourself-Editorial Cartoon concept, I am going to let more out of the bag.

Do-it-yourself-Editorial Cartoons allow you to "cut out" the Editorial that you disagree with and keep the Editorial comment that you want. This technique may result in dramatic Editorial Cartoons that do not generate lawsuits. This would make a low-budget cartoonist lifestyle possible.

The idea here is also to generate understanding between people of incompatible political views.

I am cartoonist of the month for Cartoonists NW. Thank you for voting, you are a great encouragement CNW.

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