Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is NOT an Editorial Cartoonist

Milt Priggee
used to be an Editorial Cartoonist. By his definition, an Editorial Cartoonist is a human employed by a Local Paper for the Editorial Page of that Local Paper. (caution - Milt includes some of his banned cartoons at his site - not everything is 3rd grader appropriate that you find at - not the normal NSFW, but NSFW because... "wow, that was edgy")
M. Priggee was the guest speaker last month for Cartoonists Northwest, as you can see by the caricature of this smiling person (see image) it was the best kind of a cartoonist presentation.
M. Priggee not an Editorial Cartoonist. There are only 10 remaining for the entire US. You can see Editorial Cartoons here (leftish) and here (rightish), so you might think that everything is fine. It is not.
"This little Priggee" * is not currently working in his chosen profession. However he is (almost certainly) "the MOST SUED Editorial Cartoonist evaarrr". Who would have thought that you could be sued for a cartoon expressing an opinion about lawyers? (normally a free citizen living in a dictator-free country cannot be sued for having an opinion, but, if you have artistic ability, a significant number of lawyers are pretty sure that you can be sued)
I will proudly hang on to (and frame soon) my prized caricature, made by "Mr. 12.2 million". Thank you Mr. Priggee.
Cartoonists Northwest meets on the third Saturday of every month (4-6 PM) at
Daniel Smith Art Supply
4150 First Avenue South - Seattle

* Milt does not actually deserve to be called a "little priggee"- I probably should have dropped this title for this talented and important not-editorial cartoonist - please do not sue me!

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