Monday, July 28, 2008

What you can expect from Monday

When I started this Blog I intended regular themes:

Biblical scaled epics, political salmon,
Video Game walkthroughs from a secret UFO defense bunker,
17th century pyrates, and dangerous animals.

I have decided to stay clear of politics excepting Darwin politics, which has generated the most comments, interestingly enough. I have been thinking about blogging-up the ideas behind the deeply emotional politics, I am not incendiary enough to unload all my politics, but I hope that everyone can agree on some things. I think that this is a very cool development for example: Obama and McCain.

My revised list of expectations after one year:
You can expect more of the same, these themes seem pretty good:

The 2 entertainment themes – “all ages” and “over-served immature adults”
Talk Like a Pirate Day of September 19th.
Dangerous Animals
Projects that I may start working on with greater diligence
That “fish to ape” evolution is harder to believe than “ape to man” and no one likes to admit it
Themes on my favorite storytellers like Aaron Williams, the Foglios, and other superior independent comics.
Cartoonists NW, Illustration Fridays and animation
Random thoughts on life and culture
Similar ideas to mine on other Blogs

For example; Khylov the storyboard artist. I have been meaning to reply to Khylov who left such good comments the other day. He seems much more professional than I and has a good style to his art. He has blogged far more effectively than I on the overall hard-to-believeness of fish-to-ape. (May 12th - the fish "fin" needs to dump the lepidotrichia)

I wonder if I will ever get around to blogging big epics… with sketch illustrations…

1 comment:

Khylov said...

My hat's off to you, sir; you've made my day with your kind words.

The entertainment theme sounds quite interesting, esp. the "over-served immature adult" concept. Could this explain the box office justification in resurrecting John McClane, battling it out against an X Harrier with a semitruck on an overpass? with him winning in the process?... No, it has to be pure genius for that kind of script maneuver (or manure, whichever one)...

As you can see, I've had quite a bit of frustration over this very thing for quite a while now. So yes, please explore this theme more. With art if possible.

And add a UFO in there, for good measure. If it can be worked it into the main theme somehow... the next potential Die Hard film perhaps, crossover a'la the Aliens universe. Instead of the Nakatomi building, Willis can be doing nose dives off the Weland/Yutani mothership while it's infested with face huggers, burning up on reentry, and exploding in space - all at the same time, of course. With a 3 headed alien hybrid of Ripley as the drunken captain at the helm. And hey, why not, let's have an alien bursting out of him at the same time - complete with assault rifle and an Austrian accent. Because of course, that's what mature audiences want.